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It's in the Cut!

Do you know how many times I want to give up? Countless. However, as I'm in the library holding back tears, I realize that its because of my underlying passion that keeps me going. Sometimes I just feel like giving up my dreams. Everyone is a stylist. Everyone wants to do hair, and sell hair. But, you know what? I think about the God that I serve when I start to feel this way... I think about the amazing God that when I only have a mustard seed of faith , provides miracles for me!

Just when I feel like giving up and maybe guys don't like me or the way that i cut hair, I realize I live inside my head way too much! More times than I can actually remember, someone has told me that I've given them the best haircut they've ever had. That means everything to me! This industry means EVERYTHING to ME! I realize that I just need to believe in myself that much more and at the end of the day....It's in the cut!

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